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Dicy McCullough's Book Collection is a tool teachers can use to teach fluency, as well as life lessons. Click on
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Dicy McCullough

After retiring as a music teacher in 2006, it didn’t take long until I discovered a new passion as a writer. At first writing poetry, I now write a weekly blog about my favorite people, places and things, along with an occasional column for a local newspaper, The Salisbury Post. I am the author of six children’s books in the Tired Book Series, each with a moral lesson. The latest book, Tired of Being Obedient, recently made the top 100 list for children’s books in the dog and animal category.
I enjoy going to schools, churches and organizations, sharing my books and journey as a writer. Check out the You Tube video at the bottom of this page to see what one local teacher is saying about these books. Included in other videos are lessons for teaching literacy and comprehension.
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Tired of Being a Bully (Lesson)

Tired of Being a Bully is a great book to open up conversations about the hot topic of bullying. This book, along with Dicy's other books are available on Amazon. com and Barnes and Noble and her website.

Check out more lessons with the Tired Books by clicking the youtube tab at the top.


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